“Ashokan Farewell,” Jay Ungar.

Being a history student, I’ve watched a lot of documentaries in my time. The Civil War, by Ken Burns, has the most heart-breaking soundtrack, and this tune was written specifically for it, if I remember correctly. I’m not concentrating in American history, so I don’t really have the… “feels”… that my friends who are concentrating in American history do, but this piece absolutely makes me have them.

It feels so warm, like a summer evening spent watching the sunset from the porch… and yet, it’s very bittersweet. It sort of tugs at you… there’s almost a rocking motion to it, a push-and-pull, an ebb-and-flow. It reminds me of my family’s old cabin on Lake George, or all the times we ever lost power anywhere… anytime I sat in the dark, enjoying the warm light from the fire.